Gallery #1 "Birds & Butterflies "     -     Gallery #2 "Landscapes"

"Vulturene Guiena Fowl"

"Surfside Pelicans"

"Roseatte Spoonbills"


"Tiger Swallowtail - dark"

"Tiger Swallowtail - light"

"Gulf Fritillary"

"Zebra Swallowtail"

sulphur butterfly

"Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly"

"Giant Swallowtail"

"Luna Moth"

"The Last Hunt of the Day"

"Northern Cardinals"

"Orchard Orioles"

"Pileated Woodpecker"

"Jamaican Streamer-tailed Hummingbird"

"Swamp Shadows"

"Crawfish en Brochette"

"Sunburst Mallards "

"Hooded Merganser"


"Young Bobwhites"

"Young Wood Ducks"

"Pelican Island"

"Rufus Hummingbird"

"Ruby Throated Hummingbird"

"Evening Post" Great Blue Heron"

"Ivory-billed Woodpecker
on Cache River NWR"

"Ruby Throated Hummingbirds"

"Palm Sunday"

"Departure of Snow Goose"

"Courting in the Iris"

"Out of Range"

"Horned Owl Family"

"Taking Off"

"The Duel"

"Hen and Rooster"

"National Wild Turkey Federation"

"First Rays of Dawn"

"Flight of the Ibis "

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